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Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental- included in the price of stay

Moving dunes

One of the biggest attraction in Łeba are moving dunes. They are located between Łebsko lake and the Baltic sea.

While standing on the top you can admire an absolutely breathtaking view that is just perfect for taking pictures.

The nicest way to get to the dunes is taking a walk along the seaside (more or less 7 km one way), you will experience lots of satisfaction and see some memorable views. It is also possible to get there by bike or small, comfortable car.

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For the family- dinosauros, seals, go-carts, Tarzan park, labirynth, cinema

There are many attractions for families with children in Łeba.

Dinosaur Park- loved by children, the biggest dinosaur park in Poland.

Sealarium- many interesting specimens of marine fauna (location more or less 5 km from the centre). 
Tarzan park- for active children that are not afraid of heights.

Labirynth- made of the real hedge.

Go-carts in Power Park- a few hundred meteres, professional, go-cart racecourse gives a feeling of Formula 1. There are also many seasonal attractions- butterfly exhibition, tale reading, wooden blocks on the promenade, museum of optical ilusion with a dragon.

The Surf Villa is located in the centre so all the atracttions are at you fingertips. It takes just a few minutes to get to any of them on foot. 


Łeba is the best place in Poland to practise water sports at the seaside. 
The Baltic sea offers sea waves giving the adrenaline to the surfer as well as beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets to relax after the active day. We also surf on Sarbsko lake, that is just perfect to learn kitesurfing, it is free from algaes or any other kind of drifting plants and even in it's deepest the water will not pass your waistline. 
When the wind is advantegous we organize 30 km confluence-trips on kitesurfing.

There are professional kitesurfing schools as well at the seaside as at the lake.

We offer storage for kitesurfing equipment in Surf Villa.


Windsurfing in Łeba is mainly taking place at the lakes Łebsko and Sarbsko where the school is located. Both lakes are free from any kind of drifting plants and the depth of water is no more than a metre.

The advanced surfers are also practising at the Baltic sea.

We offer a storage for the equipment.



Łeba's surroundings offer many beautiful places to visit on bike- moving dunes, lighthouse in Stilo, heritage-park in Kluki, routes in Slowiński national park.

There are bike rentals where the price is around 20 zl per day, but if you are willing to bring your own bike we have a storage to keep it. 

Orlik sport field

Orlik sport field is available throughout whole season. It is worth bringing sport clothing and ball to play basketball or football.

Yachting, canoeing

There is an option to rent a sailing boat to sail on the Baltic sea, you can still enjoy your trip even if the wind is not particulary strong.

The sailing boats are navigated by experienced crew, but if you have skills and you feel like, the captain will let you navigate on your own.

There is yacht port in Łeba. It is possible to launch as well as store the equipment in the port.

There is a company organizing canoeing trips.
The port is located just a few minutes on foot from Surf Villa. 

Horse riding

There is a big stud 2 km away from Surf Villa. 

Łeba and surroundings offer many nice routes for horse riding.

We recommend it to all that already have the skills and those who would like to start their adventure with these amazing creatures.  


Łeba is located just next to two big lakes: Sarbsko and Łebsko.
It creates dream conditions for fishing fans to spend time with a fishing rod.

Of course there is also an option to sail out with fishing boat and try fishing at the sea.

It is cool :D

It is impossible to mention all the attractions and possibilities like f.e. bungee jumping. 
Lakes Sarbsko or Łebsko sometimes feel like Mazury (polish lake land) and lake Żarnowieckie feels like Bieszczady (lakes in mountains). 
During the summer Łeba is awake for 24h everyday and everyone will find a good place to party :) 

Moving dunes

The Moving Dunes are a unique touristic attraction of Słowiński National Park. They are located between Łebsko lake and the sea. They came into being because of acumulation of 130 000 km2 of sand that was brought by sea waves to the coast. The sand was dried out by the wind and sun. Later on the strong wind would move it farther into the land and create high dunes (from 30 to 40 m of height) together with the highest (42 m) Łącka Dune. For centries  the dunes were moving into east and south-east direction, with velocity of 1,2-1,6 m throughout a year. The Moving Dunes covers everything on its way and is a threat to the local flora. The power accumulated by the dunes depends on wind strenght, the height of the slope, dunes front and terrain. The Moving Dunes create beautiful, desert landscape, which is unique in Europe. It is often called polish Sahara. The Dunes are formed of clear, white, marine sand. There are some plants attempting to grow on this wasteland since the moment the Dunes were formed. Those plants need to be resistent to soil salinity, covering by sand and also high temperature of the sand during warm days. The strong wind present throughout a year is another obstacle for the plants. Firstly flora comes over the lower parts of the dunes therefore the higher parts that are not stabilized by the plants move faster. They could achieve even 9m per year while those parts covered with plants will move more or less 3m. In order to protect the dunes Spit Special Protected Area was created. It is an attractive and available for tourists dunes. It is about 5 km of Łebska Spit.